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I was in the corporate grind for about 23 years and not happy or satisfied with what I was doing. I was disappointed in how political the position got. I quit….talk about instant anxiety and panic, I was lost and 42 years old!! 6 months pass and I was still feeling lost, 42 and now depressed, I knew I had to do something. We volunteered in June to run the Silent Auction room at our church and we decided to make a headboard bench. I picked an end table out of the garbage. Oh yeah my first garbage pick, honestly not that easy at first, may have thrown that piece in really quick. I laugh now because I almost shout it “I’mmmmm Garbageeee PICKINGGGG” I painted both a hot pink….yes that’s right hot pink lol!! I bought accessories in turquoise to decorate and I tell you…I loved it!!! All it took was me hearing people during the festival complimenting me on how creative and cute it was. I was hooked from that moment on…picking up furniture where I could and I started painting furniture like crazy, I now had inventory. My Husband Bob said now what are you going to do???? My friend Amy was having a vendor show at her home which she did annually. She invited me to bring my furniture to see if I could sell any. She did not realize that I was bringing a 24 ft. trailer full of furniture. I’m still laughing because the expression on her face was priceless when we pulled up!!! I was still looking to see if people would like what I did, looking for some confidence that I was lacking. I sold a couple of small pieces!! Thank you Amy, I truly appreciate the opportunity you gave me!! In 2013 we took a leap of faith…. my husband sold his landscaping business and we started a small business out of our barn. We cleaned out the pole barn, took 1 month from start to finish. We turned it into The Attic Finds Barn Boutique, painted the beams white, hung wainscoting and had a chandelier with a cash register. It was awesome and I loved every day of it…we did good and we were in business for about 7 or 8 months when the Township came a knocking and said we couldn’t run a retail business that wasn’t zoned commercial. Yes…someone turned us in….but that’s ok, it was the best thing that ever happened to us!! We took another leap of faith and found an actual retail space for rent. We moved everything and got the space ready in 2 weeks!!! Wow talk about #believeyoucan, that’s when it truly hit me that if you put your mind to it you can do anything, SERIOUSLY!! That’s how it all started and here we are today in 2017 at The Attic Finds and still growing strong and believing we can!!

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