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Better Health. Anytime. Anywhere.
Do any of the following items sound familiar?

Own a gym membership or have fitness equipment that is underutilized, or perhaps not used at all?
Find that your body and joints ache most days?
Heard from others if you stop drinking pop you will loose 10 pounds?
Have no idea if what you are doing at the gym is even making a difference in achieving your goals?
Just stop eating carbs and the weight will fall off! (Ugh)
That Keto is the BEST diet for loosing weight! (Double ugh)
Have no idea where to start (fitness or food wise) to find better health?
If you said yes to any of the above items we can help! At My Positive Fitness, our personal trainers put you, your needs and your goals first! We design online (or in person) programs that lay out a clear plan of how to get you from where you are today, to a new healthier you utilizing our extensive knowledge and training. Our proven techniques not only help you achieve your fitness and nutrition goals that form a new lifestyle, but take the guess work out of the process; keeping you accountable 100% of the journey!

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